Just to reiterate in relation to Gab getting hacked, I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities in Mastodon at the moment and based on what I have seen in their code modifications the vulnerabilities they have are the ones they themselves introduced (along with never porting security patches from us)



I AM SO SICK of saying...


I am ready to do something about it, but I am just one person. I know for a fact that there are tens of thousands of SQV brothers and sisters who agree with me.

How can the SQV family start a nationwide movement to cancel cancel culture?

How can we grow our tens of thousands into tens of millions?

Imagine the impact if we could create a monolithic movement to DO SOMETHING.

So when is Crapachusetts lifting mask mandates and opening businesses 100% like Texas & Mississippi?

THREAD: Why do I post here with my real name? Because I’ve had it. You (the left) constantly call your opponents fascists but you gleefully “cancel” PEOPLE! You call people racists but are constantly indicting people for being WHITE! You constantly call people Nazis but you align yourselves with China, which has concentration camps that harvest organs from dissidents! You constantly call people totalitarians while censoring and banning books! 1/2

Very expensive private schools in New York -and other areas of the US- are indoctrinating children with pro-transgender values and anti-white animus and for some odd reason noone is sounding an alarm!
Thankfully some veteran Leftists are not keeping quiet, but I am sure the cancel culture will X them sooner or later.
Example:Megyn Kelly & Bill Maher's discussion a few days ago on how the Left’s anti-white racism agenda is going to destroy America.


President Trump is silent for a reason. There are great things in the works.

@rising_serpent: "The Biden administration isn't nominating people based on their color, gender or sexual orientation. They are doing it based on the radicalness of agenda
The identity politics kicks in afterwards to malign, terrorize and publicly humiliate people who didn't vote for the radicals."

#ClownInChief #Biden #Democrats #Leftists #CulturalRevolution



It's a. universal tragedy, what is being done to the children. They need counseling, not hormones and physical mutilation.

This is what it comes to when groups espouse "personal truths" rather than a universal truth.

"Personal truth" just means "what I'm lying to myself about."

@ilumanous @JM @retdoc

The Good Doctor television series (AKA The Woke Doctor) proves our culture is screwed. Episode "Irresponsible Salad Bar Practices" S4, E9 takes the cake for wokeness culture in TV media.

Thread: WHY are the Democrats SO determined to lock Americans down for at least another year?
Like Stalin's THE GREAT TERROR that randomly grabbed & then murdered almost one MILLION Russians the Lockdowns are intended to PARALYZE the American People until the Democrats have "peacefully transitioned" from Trump's AMERICA FIRST Agenda to their cherished totalitarianism.
A whole lot less bloody, but the INTENTIONS are the same=keep Americans in limbo until their NU AMERICA is solidified.

@oystergirl @Clayrjr @Dodgerprincess

It's hard to think, critically or otherwise, when you have allowed the fear the leftists feed you 24/7 to control your every moment.

Last night the family watched “Gifted Hands”, the true story of Dr. Ben Carson. It’s a really great story and I highly recommend it, Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays Dr. Carson and he really captures the essence of the man, a brilliant mind, spiritual, caring, and kind.

Wondering what he’s up to these days I searched and found this. He wrote an Op Ed and he captured the essence of our country, that Black History is American History, and vice versa. Beautifully written piece. foxnews.com/opinion/black-hist

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