@Curator Hopefully this toot is not too destructive. Cut the image into small squares and sorted them by color.

@mopani Awesome! From my experience style isn‘t necessarily something you develop actively, but rather something that happens naturally as you create a lot and incorporate your favourite influences from different places. Don‘t stress over it, just do whatever feels good and right. :D

(the moon is out, the stars invite, I think I'll leave) TONIGHT. 8X8, multimedia on canvas. Find it in my shop: brokentoyland.com/forsale.htm
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Couple of character (bad guy?) designs I did a while back, they feel like best buds to me. (Second one in full image)

Still snowy ❄️

Using the bright pink from my series 1 and colours from my series 3 wc heh :')

I should really practice more pose+perspective.
I think perspective makes every pose much more interesting.

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😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

a gal i drew recently bc apparently i'm obsessed with valentines day imagery

also trying out some new stuff with my style, trying to make backgrounds/props more intentional (not sure if it really translated in this drawing but i'll get better with time!)

WE JUST STOOD THERE WAITING FOR YOU TO SEE THE TRUTH, 8x8, multimedia on canvas. Find it in my shop: www.brokentoyland.com/forsale.htm
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Some of my illustrations from about a yearish after I graduated art school. Although I had some great profs, I feel like I grew the most when I started working on things at my own pace.

CW: Substances/mental health

Check out my daughters valentine look! She’s been doing creative make up ever since she was about 11 years old. Seeing her in person is mind blowing!

my take on the Lepus constellation, which IRL represents a "hare" being chased by Orion (the hunter) and his two dogs, Canis Major & Minor. due to this origin i made my lady a little fluffy!

💎 patreon.com/tyiart | ☕ ko-fi.com/tyiart

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Another rough vs. final of mine.

Based on The Wind Feels Loss by Daniel Whigham. I don't know why I changed the pose slightly because now that I look back on it I kind of like the other one better?

Regardless, I had a lot of fun drawing all the ghostly goats.

#art #MastoArt #illustration #sketch

Amedeo Modigliani was was a huge influence to my earlier work.

A piece of mine from a yearish ago. I recently reworked some details.

When you look back at the stuff you have done and see something you want to change, do you do it or let it go?

I have a hard time resisting the urge and it does make me feel a bit guilty since I already work pretty slow and it slows down the stuff I am currently working on even more.

#illustration #art #MastoArt

Hi all, I'm new so here's my #introduction/ #introductions.

I'm a 26 year old #artist who specializes in digital #art and #illustration. I like drawing weird plants and environments. I tend to spend hours painting the same details over and over again with tiny brushes.

The creative world can be pretty tough so I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all and helping each other survive/grow.

Sorry about the redraft, I noticed a sentence error and it bothered me.

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