A new #painting – the fabulous fabrosaur Lesothosaurus checks out a burrow in Early Jurassic Lesotho.

#Mastoart #Dinosaurs

‘Awakening’ by me.

I’m really not sure where I was going with this piece, but I quite like it :)

#CreativeToots #MastoArt #illustration

Another piece I drew in my Leuchtturm 1917 sketchbook. Wasn't sure if I should use 0.3 or 0.1 mm pens or my brush pen, but decided I need practice with the latter. How did I do? :)

#art #mastoart #horns #ink #brushpen #sketchbook

Finally finished trimming and painting the edges. "NO Contrapposto!" ~ Watercolor & ink on 10"x12" 140# Soft Press Fabriano Artistico paper www.WistfulWorld.com

if i were to ever meet Slender Man, i think i would try to reason with him

among other things, finishing this up today. gonna wait for it to dry, add the last few details, and then varnish it tomorrow!

022/365 #art365

I started doing landscapes... But I was fascinated with figurative work of Amedeo Modigliani. Then one day I asked myself "If Modigliani had a cat, what would he paint?" The rest is history. I love creating the unusual. 🤓

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