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"The Libasm" ~ 22"x28" Original Watercolor painting

Modi unleashes his ultimate creation to date. The Fair Lady Mahulda Disraeli gets ready to take her commissioned piece out for a test ride, as guide duck Sir Nimrod Tennyson awaits his orders. Modi has grown a fondness for his masterpiece, as he has laboured over 14 months and burned through more meager light bulbs than he cares to count. Love is blind and sometimes misguided.
#art #fantasyillustration #fantasyartwork #wistfulworld

So here's my artwork for #halloween, a witch making a new species called Octopumpkin.

Also this is the first art I'm posting on mastodon, maybe this can be of use as a proper introduction for me as an artist.
Nice to meet you all!

#art #myart #mastoart #huevember #CreativeToots #krita

"Admit2" ~ Original watercolor painting

The movie ticket in the snails hat has an amigram of my wife and my name. 😬

My PixelFed account is located here Excited to have a new platform for my art!

Wistful World is now on Mastodon! Follow me and see what's going on with old & new work.. and projects. 🤓

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