They had those not just in Boston but all along the major highways throughout the state. They've been showing those for years, gets old real quick, lol

Right before I left MA for good, all they were displaying was vaccine propaganda.

@Dan_Ramos been there, done that more times than I like to admit.

I’m not surprised, but I knew it was just a matter of time…all the suddenly I am getting heavily on for any opposing views. On top of that I’ve also noticed that on any comment I make that’s about or they are blocking my notifications when anyone “likes” or “replies” on my comment. But when I go back to my comment I can see a ton of people that “liked” it. More and more I find myself on here.

@amerika I did that back when it started. Our union told us that if we felt at risk of getting COVID, we could quarantine ourselves for two weeks. I didn’t give a crap about COVID, but I wasn’t gonna pass up an opportunity for a two week paid vacation.

I am seeing this more than ever now, to the point where it's getting ridiculous.

@Gmajv Completely agree but it's so tough when these professors have a firm grip on the students. The ones that can see past the BS are constantly threatened to the point where they are forced on assignments to have a certain viewpoint or else risk getting a bad grade. I worked at a college and had student friends tell me that they had to write papers opposite of their viewpoint or else they get marked badly.

If you haven't seen the documentary "No Safe Spaces" I highly recommend it.

@FreakinChickenLittle And if you don't, your word is just as good as mine.

@FreakinChickenLittle Fine, completely ignore what I provided and said. All I want is you to be able to backup your claim. If you are so adamite about these Covid hospitalizations being from unvaccinated people....give me something to believe you.

@FreakinChickenLittle well, say what you want, but without even trying to provide any relevant information to your claim, your premise is just as false as you claim mine is.

@FreakinChickenLittle The only BS I’m smelling is from you. You still can’t even name the hospital you are referring to and refuse to even try to provide any data. Stop making claims that you can’t backup.

@FreakinChickenLittle But the fact is is that you haven't provided any real stats either. Atleast I provided a census report for a specific hospital (which I have contacts that work there that can back that report up), you haven't even mentioned which hospital you are saying that all these COVID cases are 100% unvaxed.

@FreakinChickenLittle Still curious as to what hospital you are referring to.

@FreakinChickenLittle Interesting you mention DFW area. My mother works at UTSouthwestern and according today's covid case numbers they email out, they have 91 covid cases, 7 of which are in ICU. My mother, who sees the majority of these patients, says about 70% are vaccinated.

Also Omicron went through my family last week (all tested positive, including myself). Feel like crap for 3-4 days then your fine. The Flu has kicked my ass worse.

I'd love to see the stats at your hospital.

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