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Just a year ago I thought the free speech crowd was hopeless with technology. Today I’m impressed with the fight people are putting up.

Flipping hate living in commiechussetts......The nurse at my wife's OBGYN intake appointment just asked her "Do you have guns in the house." Like why is that any of their business?!?!

My assigned task at work today...Keep on eye on the TV channels....if they start cutting out, go up on the roof and clear the snow from the satellite dish.

Well, I was going to spin up a Lemmy instance as a self-hosted reddit alternative....but then found this from one of their devs. Oh well....I guess I'll try something else.


In 24 hours, Bidet managed to deliver our grid to China, fuck the Canadians, screw thousands of workers, throw small businesses under the bus, bend over to France and Germany, fuck the American consumer, invite terrorist attack, fellate Iran, betray the Syrians and look like a chump.

He's going for the record here.

Messed up on the link.. This link works.

I will be leaving Instagram soon because Facebook owns it. You can find me on pixels.daspr.io which is a federated solution. Look me up as @WistfulWorld I'll be adding my art work over the next couple of weeks.

My website is at WistfulWorld.com

You guys who don't follow regular fedi might get a chuckle out of this.

We've all heard of the "fediblock" -- the great blocklist that NAS and any server with fun people are on.

P from FSE created a new relay that includes only instance that are on the fediblock list lol


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