Flipping hate living in commiechussetts......The nurse at my wife's OBGYN intake appointment just asked her "Do you have guns in the house." Like why is that any of their business?!?!

@kalashguy47 move to NH!!! Have you heard about the Free State Project?

@kalashguy47 I'm planning on moving my wife and kids out to NH maybe this summer.

@Monadwill Good, get out of here while you can. What sucks is that I know my parents would have no issues moving out, but I would have to literally kidnap my in-laws to get them to come.

@kalashguy47 When the communists were close to achieving government control of healthcare, this was to be a back door method of beginning a registration list. Now that the fraudulent election has given them control of all 3 branches, they're introducing bills to do it directly.


They asked me that once too. I said yes, they then asked if they were locked up. (Child safety) I said of course, but I do leave my flame thrower next to the nightstand.

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