@dansup If you can't find a garage, I've seen some people install plugs on their vehicles that will auto-eject the cord when the vehicle is started. Usually you see them on firetrucks and emergency vehicles.

@BestofBuddies Welcome to Daspr.io ..if you have any questions about using the platform, feel free to DM me or @Cruikshank

@RangerJohn That's where the rest of my family are, lol Still pretty accurate.

Just a year ago I thought the free speech crowd was hopeless with technology. Today I’m impressed with the fight people are putting up.

@Monadwill Good, get out of here while you can. What sucks is that I know my parents would have no issues moving out, but I would have to literally kidnap my in-laws to get them to come.

Flipping hate living in commiechussetts......The nurse at my wife's OBGYN intake appointment just asked her "Do you have guns in the house." Like why is that any of their business?!?!

@HoffCode That's it, you are banned. Can't have this kind of talk on here.

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